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  • Dinner is Swerved: Plimshaw Inc Part 3

    Dinner is Swerved: Plimshaw Inc Part 3

    Death and doughnuts. Both intertwined; a fatal fusion where I stand at the epicenter. Why me? What had I done to earn this living nightmare? In the beginning I thought I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but after repeated exposure to numerous bizarre events, I was beginning to suspect […] More

  • A Whole Brunch of Trouble: Plimshaw Inc Part 2

    A Whole Brunch of Trouble: Plimshaw Inc Part 2

    “Hey honey, check it out–this Danish is shaped like the Virgin Mary!” My wife’s voice chilled me to the bone, and my head snapped around just in time to see the strudel quivering in her palm. Her elation quickly turned to fear, horror twisting her features like a Halloween mask. “No, I think my pastry […] More

  • Toast of the Town: Plimshaw Inc Part 1

    Toast of the Town: Plimshaw Inc - Part 1

    “My waffle is haunted.” Miriam’s voice drifted across the table following the familiar Clunk! of the toaster. Without looking up from the newspaper, I reached for my glass of orange juice and grunted noncommittally before taking a sip. “No, it’s moved by the power of the Holy Spirit!” Now she spoke in a hushed whisper, punctuating […] More

  • The Hitcher

    The Hitcher

    Tony chewed on the last breath mint, crushing it beneath his molars. Pain rode up his neck from his shoulders. He shifted in his seat a thousand times, hearing his Pop’s voice in his head: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, figlio mio!  The only […] More

  • The Return of Pogs

    The Return of Pogs

    “Fish. Everywhere the smell of fish.” Said Pogs disapprovingly as the peons threw frozen salmon into the flames. “Fish fish fish-“ “OKAY ALREADY I smell it too. At any rate I’m surprised you can still smell.” I said. “What makes you say that, Ben?” He said, eyes glazed in thought as the bonfire crept higher […] More

  • The Man Who Played With Lightning – Part Four

    The Man Who Played With Lightning

    We marched single file with Alice at the front through miles of rambling stone paths that degenerated into broken slabs of volcanic stone, sometimes carved with the faint likeness of faces that seemed to leer out at us. There were tunnels and drop offs to who knows where that the hills were ridden with. “Avoid […] More

  • My Cat Started The Zombie Apocalypse – by Lucy Scoble

    My Cat Started The Zombie Apocalypse - by Lucy Scoble

    We’ve all watched our fair share of zombie movies, and we’ve all had some sort of terrifying experience with some low-quality, jump-scare-ridden video game, so we all know the many generic theories as to how the apocalypse started. Was it a spontaneous virus outbreak, or maybe some flesh-eating parasite escaped a lab somewhere? Maybe a […] More

  • The Beauty of Zombies

    The Beauty of Zombies

    Venus Justus was an ugly duckling throughout grade school, but she didn’t turn into a swan. No, she grew up to become something much more valuable: a duck that didn’t give a shit. Ironically, Venus’ parents named her after the goddess of beauty, but with her beak nose, weak chin, and mousy hair, Venus was […] More

  • The Last President

    The Last President

    “The Russians just launched everything they have.”  The general couldn’t believe the intelligence, couldn’t believe what the Russians had just done, nor could he believe the words now escaping his lips. “They’re nuking their own country.” “What are they hitting?” The President snapped. “The major population centers, Moscow, St Petersburg, etc.” “Are they leaving the […] More

  • The Man who Played with Lightning – Part 03

    The Man Who Played With Lightning

    “You damn right somethings are wrong,” said Louie. “I need to find out what exactly,” Alice said. “Is this Pogs?” she said forcefully. The reader on the Ouija board weakly floated over “yes”. “Some relief that is,” I said as water leaked from the corners of the wall. “Good,” Alice said. “Where are you?” She […] More

  • The Food Truck

    The Food Truck

    It should have been Ode to Soy, I told myself for the five-thousandth and fifth time. On the food truck circuit, puns and health conscious offerings were all the rage. My fiancé had been one hundred percent on the side of the angels there, telling me exactly why vegetarian would bring in the customers.  I […] More

  • The Man Who Played With Lightning – Part 02

    The Man Who Played With Lightning

    When my friend’s pale face appeared on the choppy skype screen I said “Hey Alice in Wonderland,” before giving off another sneeze. She smiled and waved at me through the darkened screen. “Hi friend-o,” she said. “Are you coming down with something, Big Ben?” she said patronizingly. “WAAA-CHOO,” I replied, ”No, why do you ask?” […] More

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