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    When The Stars Are Wrong – Part Two

    When The Stars Are Wrong

    She tilted her head. “You have a funny last name.” “No it’s not funny, it’s Nigerian. It means “child of high status.” He curled his fingers and withdrew his arm slowly so that his hands were clasped together. He always considered himself the cowardly one in his family, but some things were still more important […] More

  • The Writer Of Death

    The Writer Of Death

    The bright yellow cab came to a screeching halt, splashing droplets of water across the sidewalk. I could hear the rumbling of the exhaust as I gave the taxi man his money. He huffed quietly under his breath as he counted the crumpled up bank notes. The cab felt so warm and welcoming inside unlike […] More

  • Where The Stars Are Wrong – Part 01

    When The Stars Are Wrong

    “The creative artist is automatically an outsider, because he sees through the world that everybody else takes as the final reality, and he’s a very scary kind of guy.” Gahan Wilson, nicknamed “The Wizard of Weird,” 2/18/1930 – 11/21/2019 “So, for what I hope is the last time, I’m going to tell you that we’re […] More

  • The Black Rock Chapel Horror – Part Four

    The Black Rock Chapel Horror

    Inside the hallway to the sanctuary, the clutter of overturned mahogany and discarded crucifix trinkets littered the long crimson-hued carpet that lined the main hall. The sight that disturbed the tow clergymen most about the chaos displayed before them, however, were the empty garments that lay discarded; as if those that formerly bore them had […] More

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    The Black Rock Chapel Horror – Part Three

    The Black Rock Chapel Horror

    With haste, the pair quietly exited the sanctuary and walked through the town that saw it’s citizens begin making their way to Black Rock Chapel. “Wednesday mass…”, Father Carroway muttered, silently chastising himself for the lapse in memory. “What is it, Father?”, queried the budding nun, sighting the expression of anxiety on the elder priest’s […] More

  • NosferatuNacht


    For just over fifteen years, Birkingshire, England; in it’s bright and wondrous splendor, was the breeding ground for joy and cheer. Every year, the denisons of the city gathered around the center of the square to share the tales of the otherworldly. Tales of goblins and elves; of wizards and witches. Tales of heroism and […] More

  • The Black Rock Chapel Horror Part Two

    The Black Rock Chapel Horror

    Father Carroway wandered about in the ever-extended void of subconscious. Unable to feel or perceive anything anymore, he wondered if he had indeed perished through either the means of the serpent’s venom or the trauma of the crash down the spiraling stone stairs. “Am I dead?”, Father Carroway pondered as he continued to survey the […] More

  • The Black Rock Chapel Horror Part One

    The Black Rock Chapel Horror

    “Have you come to relieve your burden unto the Lord?”, asked the elder priest from behind the blind of the confession booth. Silence hung to answer the offer. The elder priest, rather than immediately persist, decided to let him take his time; for in the last seventeen-and-a-half years he’d been an elder priest of Black […] More