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  • Tailor Made

    CWs: suicide, mild gore The light in the attic went out when Isaac put on the suit. The electricity was faulty, but nothing like that had ever happened before, and there had been plenty of chances. Every night for the last two weeks; this had been Isaac’s ritual. He’d say good night to his parents, […] More

  • Threat of Hope: A Ghost Story by Alex Boast

    Chapter 1: Initium

    My name is Wesley and somewhere close by my dog is barking in an otherwise silent night. Each of my fifteen years I’ve been told I’m different: by my dad, and his dad, when they were around of course. It’s only now, as the autumn rolls in, and I change the way the seasons do […] More

  • The Tower of Abhorred Flesh: Rebirth

    “…Outwardly: dumbly, I shamble about, a thing that could never have been known as human, a thing whose shape is so alien a travesty that humanity becomes more obscene for the vague resemblance…”. — Harlan Ellison, “I have no mouth, and I must Scream” *** With a crushing impact, I met the floor of the […] More

  • Casualty Vampires

    What strange times to be alive, Allison thought ruefully as she watched the golden disk of the sun slide ever further down the line of the horizon from the top of the old Ferris wheel. She was reflecting on the various recent revelations about the nature of what was real and what wasn’t which had […] More


    There is only darkness. Nothing penetrates my eyes, no variations in light, shade or shadow. I can feel my eyes dart and move frantically back and forth, panic fills my mind. I command my brain to open the lids but my instruction remains unactionable. My olfactory senses detect no odours, I smell nothing. Sound, there […] More

  • This Tiny Breath: A Ghost Story

    “Can you hear that?” I ask her, rolling over in bed. “Hear what?” she replies, eyes sleepy, beautiful. “Oh…why do you breathe like that?” “Breathe like what?” she asks, sitting up. “Tiny breaths, like you’re sipping on the air.” We had just moved into our new place when I first heard it, and I was […] More

  • The Uncanny Narrative of the Madman John Doe

    I am Madness. There, it is done. It is said. You have come to me often asking who I am and now you know. Such a statement might seem overly bold, an exaggeration at best, if not an outright lie. Yet I swear to you it is the truth, pure and undiluted. Such sweeping proclamations […] More

  • The Tower of Abhorred Flesh: Anguish

    “… The purpose of the scourging hangs dark in his mind. Lashing and thrashing him, ah! But never quite shattering. One sure path to Avici, the eternal hell…” — Saijo Yaso, Tominos Hell *** I still remember the events of my awakening. It wasn’t the first time I’d awoke in the tower — by that […] More

  • This is Hell

      Hell found me again. All the fire, brimstone, pain, and hurt came flooding back as soon as the bony hand clamped its self on my wrist. Then I was back in the holding cave waiting for my turn to be tortured and humiliated. It wasn’t the first time. I wasn’t surprised. This was my […] More

  • When The Stars Are Wrong – Part Two

    When The Stars Are Wrong

    She tilted her head. “You have a funny last name.” “No it’s not funny, it’s Nigerian. It means “child of high status.” He curled his fingers and withdrew his arm slowly so that his hands were clasped together. He always considered himself the cowardly one in his family, but some things were still more important […] More

  • The Writer Of Death

    The Writer Of Death

    The bright yellow cab came to a screeching halt, splashing droplets of water across the sidewalk. I could hear the rumbling of the exhaust as I gave the taxi man his money. He huffed quietly under his breath as he counted the crumpled up bank notes. The cab felt so warm and welcoming inside unlike […] More

  • The Black Rock Chapel Horror – Part Four

    The Black Rock Chapel Horror

    Inside the hallway to the sanctuary, the clutter of overturned mahogany and discarded crucifix trinkets littered the long crimson-hued carpet that lined the main hall. The sight that disturbed the tow clergymen most about the chaos displayed before them, however, were the empty garments that lay discarded; as if those that formerly bore them had […] More

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