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    The House, the Frozen Tomb – Day 1

    The House, the Frozen Tomb - Day 1

    “The warmth is completely gone now, s-she t-took it all away… Sh-she’s behind m-me… Sh-she’s angry with me… Ice… Everywhere… I have my gun… Can’t let her… Ice everywhere… S-so… C-cold…” Those were my brother, Christopher’s last words; hastily scrawled on the last page of his fiance, Darla’s personal journal that was found sitting on […] More

  • This is Halloween

    This is Halloween

    I didn’t do much on Halloween night. I lived alone in the middle of the woods, off the beaten path, and that meant no trick-or-treaters. I didn’t particularly enjoy getting dressed up as a sexy mortician to go to parties, so that was a no go. In my mind, that meant I put on my […] More