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    The velvet midnight sky Lit by cherry moon Aconite purple hood The wolf’s bane in full bloom. All hallows eve draws close October crisp and clear Old wives bedtime tales Instils the folklore fear. Campfire flickers bright The chant of gypsy curse A man becomes the beast From potion and maledictive verse. Fanged tooth and […] More

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    Under midnight skies From way up high On silken wing The raven’s eye. Spied way below The deathly glow A scarlet stain On winters snow. On virgins neck Sharp fangs bite deep Baneful undead Bloods thirst doth creep. Then laid to rest As family mourn Clawed from the grave Vampyr reborn. To kill infect To […] More

  • Only Dead on the Outside

    Only Dead on the Outside Which is surprising, all things considered. This world went to shit a long time ago, I just assumed feeling anything would have gone with it. You, however, continue to stir something within my breast– A yearning, a hunger. I reach, wanting to bridge the gap between us, furious that you […] More

  • Jarring


    When I told you I could lose myself in the depths of your blue eyes you rolled them and laughed, the light sparkling upon your white teeth. So cliché, you said, perfectly manicured nails drumming an impatient tattoo on the weathered counter as I fumbled for my wallet. Words and people an alien landscape I […] More

  • Scátha

    Scátha hears. She feels. She sees. She’s spider fingers, whisper voices. Promises made, never kept She’s the cold grip in the dark. You cannot kill what lives inside your mind. Scátha wins. She’s rotten thoughts Regrets. Every fault and every bad word. Whisper voices twisting my reality. Spider fingers touching me when I’m asleep When […] More

  • In a nutshell/in a nut’s hell

    In a nutshell

    we sit and weep, who cannot keep our precious sanity. for those who can, remember, man that nothing comes for free. my mind’s a cage, wherein dwells rage with twisted, blacKened dreams; i finally see what’s Inside me, and disgorge siLent screams. is nothing reaL, i see/hear/feel? –am i still asleep? to get to hell […] More

  • Requiem for Unity

    Once, and then darkness. Ebony tendrils wending unseen, Coarse-woven, knotted within the breathing tapestry. Vivid colors betwixt dull decay, Fabric unraveling inexorably, Obscured by the moment, Whilst brittle threads rain steadily, Crimson droplets o’er a flower-strewn meadow. Once, and two stars danced; circling through eternity, Vying to light the nighttime sky. Column of passion-colored flame […] More

  • Empty

    It rubs the kittens on its skin But judge me not, for it’s no sin. They’re dead you see, bereft of life They tried to run, I used my knife. I need them all to fill the hole Where once I used to have a soul. But lo-what skin so pure and fair; The shimmering […] More

  • The Ballad of the Zombie Pug

    The Ballad of the Zombie Pug

    My owner tried to eat me. He weighs four-hundred pounds, you see. At first, I just thought he was hungry, but it turned out he was a zombie. My owner was trapped by his own weight, stuck in his reclining chair. Thank heavens he couldn’t reach me, much to his despair. It took me quite […] More

  • Random Undead Poetry Time

    Random Undead Poetry Time

    These are some random zombie poems I’ve written. Zombie Haiku Dead flesh rots away, Undead brain continues on. No hope for us now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flesh Eaters Rip, tear, scrap, scratch Bite, chew, growl, snap Blood, sweat, guts, brains Guns, knives, bats, chains Run, hide, kill, fight Morning, noon, evening, night Scavenge, hunt, food, supplies Raiders, […] More