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    Draftyman lives under the floorboards. He comes out at night. When the sun sleeps, that’s his time to be awake. He creeps, slithers, slides, drifts. In through cracks and tiny holes, the smallest of gaps or breezes. Light is his enemy. When my eyes are closed, out he comes. Crawling, slowly, ever so slowly He […] More

  • The Confession

    The Confession

    “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been two weeks since my last confession. No, wait…it’s been three weeks since my last confession.” Hidden in shadows, Father Corelli grinned. He shifted uncomfortably in the confessional that steamed in the late July heat. He recognized the man kneeling next to him as Irwin Trade, a […] More

  • Reflections


    I saw the thing looking back at me from the mirror again today. I cannot explain what it is, and to anybody else it would look like a normal reflection. It looks just like me and acts exactly like a reflection should, but I know it is just trying to trick me. When I wave […] More

  • One Percent

    1% … The motor was whirring. Sand flew everywhere. He wouldn’t have it any other way. He loved his dune buggy. He loved his beachfront home, with its private beach. He loved being in the top 1%. He had stepped on people his entire life. He was one of the most ruthless takeover experts in […] More

  • Darlin’

    I had tried running. But I was tired. So, so tired. Spring peepers called shrilly in the night. The sound covered up my rasping, labored breaths as I collapsed on the grassy bank. The sky was so clear and beautiful overhead. I searched for Orion’s belt, trying to distract myself from what I knew was […] More

  • Liberating Auschwitz

    Liberating Auschwitz

    It was January 27th 1945 a day that will make history. I was called Vik for short but my real name was Viktor Agapov and I was a member of the 332nd Rifle Division of the Soviet Army who had discovered the Auschwitz concentration camp along with my close peers Vladislav and Alexei. The Soviet […] More

  • Sanity


    The walls were dark, bleak, and utterly desolate. The plaque read: “In loving memory of Dr. Philip Krychak P.H.D.” Above it was his picture. Below it, it read “Sanity is an option, not an easy one either, will you choose it?”- Dr. P. Krychak. It was now the year 1984 A.D. It was around this […] More

  • Humanity


    A constant thought that runs through my head is, how am I going to prepare myself incase I have to “take care” of a loved one. How do I grow the balls to kill somebody who I’ve CHERISHED with blood, sweat and tears ? How do I better their lives after they’ve just ENDED IT? […] More

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