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    I am a man of very few words, a peaceful introvert keeping myself away from the trappings of everyday life. The world is an always-open twenty-four-hour a day playground, I shun the daylight and embrace the darkness. The internet has ushered in a never-ending buffet of consumerism. You can acquire anything your heart desires from […] More

  • Route 71

    The drive back home was always tedious, the long and straight roads covered in night managed to lull Adam into a dangerously drowsy state. This was one of the reasons why he hated driving home from his parents so late at night. Although, if he left too early then he could be stuck in traffic, […] More

  • Unused

    I woke up in the box again. Stuffed inside the darkness, shoved against all the others. The only light coming from the thin opening near the top of the box where the walls meet against the roof, shooting a fractured thin beam of silver moonlight in a line, covering the entire roof like a safety […] More

  • Into the Shadows Part 1

    On the hot Los Angeles, California night Paula was born, nothing went right. It took her mother, a young Latina with sleeve tattoos and a mohawk, an hour to get to the hospital and another to get into the maternity ward. Everything was backed up, and the temperature was steaming hot as one of the […] More

  • Crawling Inside

    “It’s dark… so… so very dark. I crawl around… I use his bones; his spine, his rib cage… it’s so dark… so dark, and so moist. I crawl down from his rib cage to his digestive tract. I crawl around, scurrying about as fast as my small legs will take me… I’m in his stomach […] More

  • The House, the Frozen Tomb – Days 3 & 4

    The House, the Frozen Tomb - Day 1

    Day 3 [Darla’s journal: Entry 5] June 7, 2021 Something is very wrong here! I woke up this morning to find Chris wasn’t on the couch with me like he was last night. After spending what must’ve felt like an hour and a half searching for him (which the sheer size and number of rooms […] More

  • Darkness Comes

    She lay in bed. It had been like this for weeks. Right at three in the morning, she was wide awake, staring into darkness so complete it felt like a presence beside her. It felt like whole breaths were stolen from her as she lay there, trying to calm her heart and yet unable to […] More

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    The year 2028 – 29th day of October. High above the blue sphere we call Earth, at just a little over 253 miles. The confederated department of world space and aeronautical associations Supernational Space Station travels silently at 7.66 Kilometres per second. Seldom seen because of the distractions of modern-day handheld devices and social media […] More

  • There’s Always a Bigger Fish

    Dimitri almost swallowed his cigarette in shock when he first saw it. A black, terrible thing like a living shadow had just landed soundlessly on the asphalt before him. He knew it had been a mistake to go out without his bodyguards, but he’d been so tired of constantly having them up his ass. What […] More

  • The House, the Frozen Tomb – Day 2

    The House, the Frozen Tomb - Day 1

    Day 2 [Tape two: side A] -Device clicks “on”- (Chris) – “Day 2 of our vacation here at the old Hadley summer house and I’m currently walking through the top floor. I forgot there were so many rooms! Wait, is that–” (door creaks open) “It is; the old room full of puppets!” (footsteps are heard […] More

  • My mom left me a set of tapes to watch after she died

    My mom left me a set of tapes to watch after she died

    My mom was the sort of person to look like a wallflower until you got close and then spout out facts about her favorite animal. It was an emperor penguin. She said their journey for love and parenthood was the hardest and most connecting with her. I’m told all the usual things about her; she […] More

  • Pretty


    Lexi could’ve killed Georgina. And she wasn’t being dramatic. Her back hairs rose while she barreled down the street. She so loved visiting a house across the street from a sanitarium. NOT. The sanitarium’s appearance was just that unnerving. Like how the sanitarium’s white exterior was replaced by a penny color due to erosion. Wind […] More

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