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    FOREVER TWENTY-ONE The screen on the smart device turned from black to sunrise orange as the sultry female voice of its artificial intelligence began to whisper her alarm. “Rise and shine sleepy head it’s 13:00 hours, time to get up.” The figure under the duvet stirred and pulled the cover over his head. “Snooze.” A […] More

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    Murder Mile

    Unusually, the road I find myself on is quiet. I am not beeped at repeatedly for my quote, “snail’s pace,” and I am not presented with the misfortune of ruining someone else’s day. It’s nice to drive at night. The passing yellow lights illuminate a road party to which only a select few are invited […] More


    “I still can’t believe we had to make a stop.” Serena flicked her blonde hair over her shoulders while standing in front of her Mercedes next to Cara and Thomas. Mike pumped gas into the car. “Don’t you pay attention to how much gas is in your car?” Cara asked. Forget about Cara’s comment. Thomas […] More

  • Quiet Suburban Cannibals

    Quiet Suburban Cannibals

    The Zillos thought the house was lovely and the neighborhood was lovely.  The first day they moved in the neighbors came knocking on the door with well wishes, introductions, and lots of food in well organized baskets made of wicker. They were excited when they were asked to come to a neighborhood barbeque at one […] More

  • Crash Kill

    He awoke with a splitting headache.  What had happened? He was having a hard time remembering much.  After shaking his head a bit, things started to come back.  He remembered the dog running out in front of his car.  Then there was the sliding around all over the road.      Have I had an […] More

  • A Survivor’s Accounts of the Depraved Funhouse: The Balloon — Part Four

    A Survivor’s Accounts of the Depraved Funhouse: The Balloon

    For at least a good ten minutes or so, I just laid there as the terrified adrenaline began to wear off, leaving both my body and mind just completely drained. As my heart rate slowly returned to normal, my eyes began to register the surrounding environment. By this point, despite it being strongest in this […] More

  • Coward or Hero

    Coward or Hero

    The question of the story, are you a Coward or Hero? “I can’t let them die. I can’t.”  A school resource officer is supposed to keep children safe. Officer Jose Jimenez was trained to stop a school shooter, not to deal with this. “C’mon think motherfucker! Think!” Luckily, he was only thinking, he knew enough […] More

  • An eye view of the apocalypse

    An eye view of the apocalypse

    “This snarling child is going to kill me!!” The thought barely had formed in Janisa Perez’s mind as the child pounced on her face. As it ripped her scalp from her skull, time slowed for Janisa. The child had landed on her hard, it’s tiny fingers dug into her scalp as it tried pulling the […] More

  • A Survivor’s Accounts of the Depraved Funhouse: The Balloon – Part Three

    A Survivor’s Accounts of the Depraved Funhouse: The Balloon

    As I began to reach for the door, hands shaking uncontrollably; I closed my eyes and began muttering out loud “There’s nothing to be afraid of…” over and over like it was a mantra. My eyes shot open immediately upon grabbing the doorknob, jerking my hand back when I felt something slick and wet. “What […] More

  • Reconstructed


    Gerard Fourie was lean in his old age but still fit as a man prone to wandering in the trekgees tradition of his South African Boer ancestry. He had walked alone many miles that night along the railroad tracks, but it wasn’t an aimless journey because there was a destination clear in his mind and […] More

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