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A constant thought that runs through my head is, how am I going to prepare myself incase I have to “take care” of a loved one.

How do I grow the balls to kill somebody who I’ve CHERISHED with blood, sweat and tears ? How do I better their lives after they’ve just ENDED IT?
How do I push myself to LIVE after I’ve LOST them ?
How do I go on WITHOUT THEM?
How do I not lose my shit and cry at the same time while watching them DIE ?

In my opinion,
There’s no way to prevent real, heartfelt feelings. At some point we will grow numb to the pain we feel in our hearts and shock will just feel like a little pinch that takes a bit of our soul each time.

Numbness is a weird feeling. It’s not really a feeling at all since, we feel nothing. We feel as though we care for nothing, including ourselves. Numbness makes you lose yourself, our souls go into the shadows and only something worthwhile and heartwarming can pull it out. Numbness is a slow killer that takes away our humanity and turns us into zombies with functioning brains.

Our Humanity, is what will save us, and when it is our time, it is our time.

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