Jerry – Part Three

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Jerry and Marcus stood amongst the trees staying hidden. Jerry kept glancing between the men at their posts listening to Neil yell at the other three men until he turned back to Marcus.

“We gotta be quick, they are going to react to seeing you instantly. That’s why you have to be fast. Once you get their attention you come through the park here. Neil will come over and try to help them find you. I will take it from there.”

Marcus listened intently, nodding his head as he tried to calm his nerves. Marcus and Jerry  made their way to the edge of the park. They neared a clearing where one of Neil’s men stood waiting. Marcus swallowed down the lump in his throat, his hands were shaking and his mouth ran dry. He tried to slow his breathing when Jerry grabbed his arm.

“Listen kid, you don’t have to do much, just get his attention and run right back through here. Don’t hesitate, get out there quick then haul ass back here, you got this.”

Marcus nodded, he turned to face the intersection. He glanced over to Jerry one last time, Jerry nodded. Marcus bolted out into the street and almost made it past the man but stopped to get his attention.

“You stop right there!”

The man yelled as he raised his shotgun. Marcus scrambled around an abandoned car when *Boom* the man shot at him. Glass flew around him, Marcus ran for the park when he heard a chilling sound. The rack of the shotgun *BOOM* Marcus dove for the ground nearly being hit by the buckshot. As he scurried to his feet he was able to make his way over to the tree line. Once clearing the bushes he frantically looked around for Jerry, but he wasn’t there. Marcus walked left snatching his head from left to right when the man appeared in the clearing.

“Look here son, you’re caught. No use trying to run or hide, I gotcha dead to rights.”

Marcus stood staring down the 12 gauge barrel pointed at him. The man pointed to the ground.

“Sit down kid, Neil is gonna want to hear about this.”

As the man raise his radio to his mouth, Jerry appeared from some bushes with his finger over his lips. Jerry hit the man in the back of the head with the butt stock of his rifle. The man fell into a heap on the ground. Jerry helped Marcus to his feet when a voice came over the radio.

*static* “Who was that shootin? I said I want him alive.”

Jerry knelt down and pulled the roll of duct tape from his bag and started to bound the man he just knocked out. Jerry took the mans shoes and threw them to Marcus.

“Hope you guys have the same size feet, or at least close.”

Marcus quickly put the shoes on, slightly oversized but manageable.

“That was perfect kid, can you manage that again? Maybe try not to get shot at this time.”

Marcus nodded.

“Yeah, I didn’t like getting shot at.”

Marcus walked to the edge of the bushes, he looked over at the second man with a shotgun, then glanced back at Jerry who simply gave him a nod and a thumbs up. Marcus closed his eyes, took in a deep breath and bolted out of the bushes. Jerry heard over the radio

*static* “Tommy, don’t you let him outta yer sight! Get em!”

The man gave chase, he was large and clumsy. He was overweight and slow. His jeans and boots kept Marcus well ahead of him. Marcus kept away from him with a smirk. Allowing him to close the gap only to out maneuver him with ease. The sound of the truck engine turning over caught Jerry’s attention. Marcus was to preoccupied with his game of cat and mouse to notice the pick up truck coming closer. Jerry tried to signal him but Marcus was just a kid after all, he was actually having fun. But once the green pick up blocked his escape to one side, panic filled his eyes. He quickly turned and tried to run for the park. Marcus tripped, the shoes were just too big for his feet, as he tried to get himself up the man pressed his shotgun to Marcus’s back.

“Shit, I gotta do something.”

Jerry whispered under his breath. He grabbed his rifle and neared the edge of the clearing.

“What’d I tell ya Marcus? You can’t hide from me. Now, are you gonna tell me what I wanna hear or do I gotta get mean?”

Jerry shouldered his rifle and stepped out into the sidewalk. Jerry power walked out into the street.

“Leave the kid alone assholes!”

Neil and Tommy were caught off guard, startled they looked up at Jerry. He was midway into the street with his AK-47 trained on Tommy.

“Drop your shotgun before this gets ugly!”

Jerry demanded. Neil looked over at Tommy then back to Jerry.

“He will do no such thing. This is none of your concern. So why don’t you just turn around and head on about your business stranger.”

“This has become my business. I’m not gonna walk away while two armed grown men harass a defenseless boy.”

Neil looked over at Tommy then pulled his pistol.

“Look here mister, I’m not gonna ask again…move along now.”

Jerry swallowed hard, scanning between the two men when another voice chimed in.

“Why don’t you drop your rifle mister, we’re not gonna hurt the boy. But you on the other hand.”

Jerry heard the sound of the man cocking the revolver hammer. Jerry slowly lowered his rifle.

“I guess I’m out manned here. Sorry kid, I tried.”

Jerry turned and slowly took two steps and with one punch knocked Bill to the ground. Jerry picked up the revolver as it fell from Bill’s grasp. Jerry quickly disappeared into the park. Tommy instantly followed him. Jerry made it to the clearing, picking up the shotgun he left behind standing just behind a large oak tree he waited. Tommy made his way into the clearing looking over and spotting his friend bound with duct tape, he started to walk over when Jerry got the drop on him.

“Move a muscle and you die.”

Jerry had Tommy in his sights only feet away. Tommy froze only turning his head towards the sound of Jerry’s voice when Jerry cocked the shotgun. Tommy swung his arm at the barrel of Jerry’s shotgun trying to throw him off, but Jerry stepped back and avoided his arm. Tommy went to shoulder his shotgun when Jerry pulled the trigger. *BOOM* the buckshot hit Tommy center mass and down he went. Tommy couldn’t talk, his hand violently pulled at his shirt as he coughed up blood. Panic filled his eyes, his breath shortened as more and more blood filled his mouth. Jerry turned and scanned his surroundings when he heard Neil yell

“You get em Tommy?”

Jerry looked down, Tommy was dead. Jerry pulled his radio and brought it up to his mouth.

*static* “I told you to leave the boy alone. I told you this IS my business. Tommy’s dead…This is your final chance. Leave him alone or you both will be following Tommy.”

Jerry waiting for an answer, he kept the radio close to his face.

*static* “Listen here mister, you just signed your own death certificate. Me and Bill are comin after ya.”

Jerry stood still in the clearing holding the shotgun, with his AK-47 slung across his back.

Waiting for them to make the first move Jerry scanned his area. *BOOM* the tree to his left was hit by buckshot. Jerry nearly fell when he turned and ran. He made it through the heart of the park, past the playground and was now running through the lawn area. He could hear them behind him

“He went that way Bill move yer ass!”

Jerry kept running, he came across three undead making their way to the park. Jerry looked right, and there it was a ten story building. He ran straight for it, using the butt stock of the shotgun he pounded on the door, then he used his shoulder. He heard the wooden door creaking as it nearly gave way.

“Come on!”

Jerry could feel the door weakening, one more jolt to the door from his shoulder and he heard it.

“That’s it mister, you’re done.”

Neil said as he gasped for air, both Bill and Neil were out of breath, they took in deep breaths hardly able to talk. Jerry finally spoke up.

“Well looks like you guys have been eating pretty well. Let’s see if you can run.”

Jerry pulled the door open, dozens of zombies spilled out of the building. Neil shot the first one out of the door, Bill’s eyes grew large, his jaw dropped and he was frozen with fear. Jerry darted back into the park. He took one more glance over towards Neil and Bill he could see them being surrounded. He lost sight of them in the crowd but still heard gun shots. As he entered the clearing he saw a man kneeling next to Tommy. Jerry froze, when the man looked up at him. The man raised his arm now Jerry stood staring down the barrel of a pistol.

“Toss that shotgun, and your rifle.”

Jerry did as he was told.

“You the one who killed Tommy? He was my brother.”

Jerry looked him over, he could see the duct tape he used to bound him was in pieces on the floor.

“Ay! I’m talkin to you. You ambushed me, then you went and killed my brother. Now your gonna pay.”

The man raised his pistol now training it on Jerry’s face. When Marcus jumped out from the bushes swinging a stick hitting the mans wrist making him drop his pistol. Jerry didn’t hesitate. He ran at the man tackling him before he could reach down for his gun. They wrestled around when the man pushed Jerry off of him. Getting to their knees Jerry swung and punched the man in the face, blood sprayed out. The man blocked Jerry’s next swing then buried his fist into Jerry’s belly. A nausea grew in Jerry as he fell over, but he managed to pick himself up. As Jerry got to his feet he spun around only to see a fist barreling towards his face. Pain shot through his jaw, the taste of blood filling his mouth. Dizzy Jerry swung blindly hitting the man in the chest.

“That’s it? That’s all you got boy. Well you gonna have to do better than that.”

The man swung again, connecting with Jerry’s face. Jerry stumbled and fell to the ground when he felt something dig into his hip…Bill’s revolver. Jerry turned to see the man picking up the shotgun and racking it. As he approached Jerry he stayed on his belly, simply trying to catch his breath. Deep panting breaths trying to calm his nerves when he felt the shotgun barrel press against his back.

“Well that was fun but it looks like we are gonna have to call it quits. Come on, turn over so you can see the man who kills you.”

Jerry slowly began to roll over when he shoved the shotgun barrel away and pulled the handgun aiming directly at the mans chest *BANG*BANG*BANG*BANG* Click click click Jerry stopped pulling the trigger well after he had run it empty. The man fell and Marcus re-emerged from the bushes to help Jerry to his feet.

“Come on kid, we gotta get movin.”

A group of zombies entered the clearing, and more followed close behind. Jerry looked around and grabbed his rifle and handed Marcus the shotgun.

“That way let’s go.”

Jerry shoved Marcus, as they made it out towards the sidewalk Jerry pointed.

“Go, Neil left his truck.”

Marcus ran for the truck, Jerry was a bit slower. Pain radiating through his face. Jerry heard the truck engine start and the driver side door swung open just as he got to it.

Jerry got in and began driving.

“Tell me where to go kid, where is that bunker you were talking about?”

The boy looked down.

“It’s just me, my dad invested in this underground bunker so that we would all be safe. But when it all started my dad was at work. My mom brought me down into the bunker. After three days she said she needed to go see if my dad even made it home. She told me to lock the doors and not open them until she can back and knocked twice. She never came back. I’ve been in that bunker for the last 8 months. I’ve been alone, scared and not really sure what I should be doing.

Then last week I noticed I didn’t have much food left and I came up to find some, but that’s when Neil found me.”

Jerry kept driving, not sure what to expect, what to prepare for or what to be afraid of. He blindly drove towards Marcus’s bunker.

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