Jerry – Part Two

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Jerry turned and pointed to the next intersection, then gestured to the left and nodded. The boy nodded in response. Hugging the wall the two quickly made their way down the block.

“Marcus! Don’t make me come and git ya. If I gotta send the boys here to bring yo ass back, there’s fixin to be some trouble.”

Jerry picked up the pace. The pair began running. Jerry keeping his eyes scanning, he could hear his feet hit the ground beneath him. He sucked in air as they tried to grow the distance between them and the crew searching for Marcus. Jerry could hear an engine coming up from behind them when Marcus grabbed Jerry and halted their progress. Jerry turned just in time to see an old green pick up speeding their direction. Jerry and Marcus ducked next to a blue sedan. Jerry lay on the cold concrete pressing the back of his head into the pavement as if he would become less visible. The truck flew by and Jerry slid behind the car and peaked out to see the truck disappear around a corner. Jerry waved to Marcus and they ran into the park. Now covered by the foliage overgrowth Jerry squatted next to Marcus.

“What’s that all about kid?”

“They want me to lead them to my family’s underground bunker. I came up for a supply run a few days ago and they caught me. Neil was a coworker of my father. I guess he found out about our bunker and came looking for it. He found me and has been trying to get me to tell him where it is.”

“Neil, he’s the guy with the double barrel?”

“Yeah, I’ve met him a few times. I’ve never met the others before.”

Jerry dug into his bag and pulled out some crackers and a bottle of water.

“Here, I’m sure they didn’t give you much. Your name is Marcus I gather.”

The boy nodded, with a mouthful of crackers.

“I’m Jerry, look we need to get the hell out of here.”

“My family is waiting for me to come back. I have to go back.”

Jerry quickly looked around for the men. He knelt next to Marcus.

“There is a big problem here. There are four of them and only two of us. To get you back home to your family we can’t avoid them. They know where you live. We’re gonna have to kill them.”

Marcus’s eyes grew, he swallowed hard then drew in a deep breath. He was shaking, and he simply nodded. Jerry went to the south side of the park and peered over the hedges only to find a man pacing at the intersection holding a shotgun. Changing directions Jerry led Marcus to the north end of the park where Neil sat in the pick up truck holding a walkie talkie up to his face. Jerry quickly ducked and backed up. Dropping to a knee he began burrowing through his bag yanking out his walkie talkie. Turning it on and searching for their channel.

*static* “Well listen for him, he’s around here somewhere. The little shit didn’t up and disappear, that’s for damn certain.”

Jerry slowly scanned the surrounding areas. They had set up a perimeter, four men blocking all four intersections.

*static* “He has to be in the park Neil, why don’t we just let him go? He ain’t gonna hurt us.”

*static* “I already explained this Bill, we ain’t gonna hurt him either. But we need supplies and I know they got extras. They can be neighborly, not like we gonna take it all.”

*static* “You didn’t have to take his shoes and jacket. He could freeze to death.”

*static* “In El Paso you dumb some bitch! He’s gonna be just fine. Now quit your gabbin and find em.”

Jerry looked out and caught a glimpse of Bill, a short man with a beer belly. A camo hat atop his head and a green polo shirt tucked tightly into his blue jeans. He stood glancing from side to side with his radio in one hand and a six inch chrome revolver in the other. The way the revolver shook in his hand showed neither confidence nor training. Jerry turned to Marcus and pointed over to Bill.

“This may not be impossible.”

My first published story will be available later this month. I will give updated on possible pre sales and release dates. Thank you for reading and come back next week for the finale of this short story.

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