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The walls were dark, bleak, and utterly desolate. The plaque read: “In loving memory of Dr. Philip Krychak P.H.D.” Above it was his picture. Below it, it read “Sanity is an option, not an easy one either, will you choose it?”- Dr. P. Krychak. It was now the year 1984 A.D. It was around this time 20 years ago that this place was closed down because of the alleged horrifying Butchering that ensued. Unfortunately these events were all but unknown to John and Alice. “Pass me one” said Alice. John reached into his pocket and pulled out a long, burning roll of the Devil’s grass and passed it to her. “Go easy on those, you know how that stuff screws your head up”. John scolded. “Lighten up, Babe”! Exclaimed Alice. They went through the front door and into the main halls. “Now, we only need to stay for tonight”. Said Alice, unpacking her KODAK®. “What are you, scared”? Teased John.

“NO, I just have plans with my life and would rather not stay longer than I have to”. “Yeah, right”! “John, look here”! Exclaimed Alice, as she finds a stack of documents. “Subject 65D: Male; age 35;  Vasectomy, Enucleation, and Glossectomy; Status — subject Deceased; Subject’s comments; NONE”. “There’s more!” said John, picking up another document. “Subject 34J: Female; age 27; Mastectomy; Eviseration; Status– subject Alive ; Subject’s comments; “Please, no more, I can’t watch! No more, NO MORE!!!” Alice shuddered, “Maybe we shouldn’t do this.” “Aw come on, Don’t chicken out on me now!” Then, a horrific moan traveled through the dreary walls. “You hear that”? Asked Alice, fearfully. “Yeah, stay close”. Said John, alert. “Please, no more cutting. Please No More!” said a voice, weakly. John shouts, “who’s there? Come out, we won’t hurt you”? Then, in a different direction, another voice cried out “I’m sorry, It won’t happen again! Please don’t operate on me! PLEASE, I BEG YOU! MERCY”! Then the voices began to come from everywhere.

“NO MORE”, “MERCY”, “PLEASE DON’T”, then the voices turned to ear piercing screams of utter agony. Through all the of the hellish sounds of torture, Alice cried out “John, stay close”. Only to find that he was gone. She ran to the entrance. When she got there, she dropped to her knees and screamed as she saw the terrifying new ornament hanging from the entrance. Below was the Devil’s grass… still sending it’s addling fumes aloft into the night sky.

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