The Doctor is in – Part One

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Lauren’s husband had come home late from work. He said he was tired, he said a patient had caused some chaos in the ER earlier that day. He didn’t mention anything about the bite wound on his hand. He had fallen asleep on the sofa which wasn’t out of the ordinary. But this time, this time he got up and was acting strange. He was clumsy, he wasn’t speaking, instead out of his mouth crept a moan. No…this no longer her husband, she ran upstairs and grabbed her children, Abby was scared she covered her mouth to hide her panting breath, Tyler instantly grabbed his hockey stick, he had a protective instinct that immediately took over.

The three made it back downstairs through the kitchen. Lauren grabbed a large chef’s knife and made sure her kids stayed close. They just had to make it to the front door but passing the family room unseen was going to be a challenge. With her back pressed against the wall she clung onto the knife she had grabbed from the kitchen, Tyler stood pressed against the wall whispering “Mom what about dad.” “Hush kids…it’s not dad anymore.” That’s the only thing she could say to hold it together. Tears streaked Abby’s cheeks, Lauren looked down at Tyler and pointed to the door. He glanced over and looked back up at her and simply nodded.

He grabbed hold of Abby’s hand and whispered “We gotta go Abby.” Tyler pulled Abby by the hand as she was cemented in place. Lauren’s eyes focused on the family room and on the monster that was once her husband. She ducked down and whispered “Tyler honey, go unlock the door, Abby stay close to your brother.” They both nodded in agreement. They slowly made it to the front door, Tyler handed Abby his hockey stick so he could unlock the door. Abby stood with her hand over her mouth when Lauren gasped, her husband was approaching the hallway.

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