The Doctor is in – Part Two

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Abby spun around to see what had scared her mother and the hockey stick knocked over a vase. Sending it crashing to the ground. The sound of the shattering vase drew his attention. Lauren ran to the kids, Tyler frantically unlocked the door and as he turned the knob and pulled the small chain high above his head did It’s job. The door only opened a few inches. Tyler pulled at the door, and Lauren tried to disconnect the chain but fueled by panic they fought against each other. He had already closed the gap between them.

No longer were his eyes filled with love, no, his eyes were dead, emotionless, full of hunger. Abby screamed as her father reached for her. Lauren swung her knife and instantly knew she had made the right choice. Lauren was a chef and always wanted the best quality knives, she hated always sharpening her knives. Her Japanese stainless steel blade cut clean through her husbands wrist, dropping his hand to the floor. Tyler ran and pushed his father away from them. Stumbling over the hockey stick he fell backwards.

Tyler picked up his stick and turned towards the front door when it was kicked open. Jim, the next door neighbor stood there. He was still in his police uniform his pistol drawn. “Get outside my wife has the RV loaded and ready to go.” Tyler pulled his little sister by the hand they ran across the lawn and saw Anna standing by the RV side entrance waiving them inside. Jim pulled at Lauren, “Craig is dead, nothing we can do about that, but you need to stay alive for your kids.” Lauren was grief stricken unsure of a future without her husband.

She was pulled all the way into the RV where Tyler and Abby sat crying. Once Jim got close Anna got in and began trying to comfort the small family. Jim started the engine and off they drove, into the unknown of a chaotic future.

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