The Night Before ZomPoc Christmas

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‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the city,
The creatures were stirring, the streets were so gritty.
The warnings were sprayed on the walls with great haste,
In hopes that the dead would not get a taste.

All the children were hidden in bunkers and sheds.
With visions of slaughtering burned in their heads.
And Mamma in her kevlar, and I with my gun,
Had just returned back from a long supply run.

When beyond the fence there arose such a clatter.
I readied my piece to see what was the matter.
Away from the shelter I saw with great worry,
The splatters of blood that now covered the flurry.

The moon on the piles of new-fallen snow,
Gave the luster of floodlights to the nightmare below.
Then what to my terrified eyes should be seen,
But a large group of zombies looking hungry and mean.

With the imminent threat that we’d soon be destroyed,
I knew this was a disaster we couldn’t avoid.
Staggering quickly, the creatures came round.
And they stumbled and reached out and made such a sound.

“Grrrrraaarrrrr, Awwwwwaaarrrr, Ehhhheeeggg, Heeecckk!”
“Mooooaaagh, Yaaaagghh, Guuuurrrrgglll, Eeeekkkkkk!”

“Get to the car!” I yelled, “Get away from the wall!”
“Hurry up! Pack it up! Get away all!”

As we made our escape so we wouldn’t all die,
We heard the clear sound of a small child’s cry.
So back to the shelter, a few of us ran.
With a gun, and a spike, and machete in hand.

Then in a panic, I saw as we neared,
The thing that we all had most certainly feared.
As I drew up my weapon and aimed for a head,
Down on us came the ravenous dead.

Their flesh was decayed and their blood was pitch black.
We tried to avoid it all through the attack.
Strings of intestine hung on the ground,
And smeared the snow as they stumbled around.

Their eyes looked so hungry, their teeth were all jagged.
Their fingers were claws, and their clothes were quite ragged.
The lips on the creatures were almost all missing.
Which made them spit out with a terrible hissing.

The hair on their heads was matted and caking.
The limbs that they swung were all cut up and breaking.
They had sunken eyes and the bones in their feet,
Were poking through flesh and scraped on the street.

The creatures were horrid and I tried not to yell.
The scene that surrounded me felt just like hell.
Sharp fingernails sliced through the skin on my head,
And I felt a new wave come of terror and dread.

I felt a sharp burning and the dripping of blood.
Then white hot pain filled my head like a flood.
And writhing in agony, I fell to my knees,
And screamed out in pain, “Someone help me please!”

Away from my screaming my people all fled.
They knew at that moment that I was soon dead.
And the last thought I had as I gave up the fight,
“Merry Christmas to all, fuck this whole night.”

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