The Plague Giver Cometh: Part Five – Three Sisters

An eco dystopian horror story in 20 parts

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Nora smiled.  Cora and Anna giggled.  They were alone.  Mom was sick and dad had to take her to the hospital.

They were young.  All three of them had dark hair and blue eyes.  They were triplets.

Cora decided to make herself and her sisters something to eat.  She fixed some sandwiches and poured juice.  None of them were really hungry, they were too worried about their mom to eat.  Being home alone was scary being as young as they were and how dark the world seemed.  But, Cora thought it was necessary for them to have food of some sort.

Nora sat in a chair and looked out the window.  The street was empty except for one man.  He was tall, thin, and pale.  His clothes were black, as black as the deep dark night.

He waved. She waved back.

Anna noticed her sister at the window.  She stood behind the chair and peered out of the window.  The man was gone.

Nora looked up at Anna and smiled.  Anna reassured her sister that everything was going to be all right.  Nora’s smile disappeared.  She put her hand up to her face and sneezed.

Anna took her hand away from her sister and ran into the kitchen.  She remembered her mom’s sickness had started the same way.

Nora looked down at her hand with fright.  There was a small dab of blood on her hand.  She began to cry as Cora came into the room.  Cora was the bravest of the three.  Although she knew it would surely be the death of her, she couldn’t leave her sister crying with no help.  She hugged Nora.

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Written by Steven Farkas

Want to know what kind of books I write. Think an Ed Wood, Roger Corman, Lloyd Kaufman movie, but in book form. B-Horror and Science Fiction pulp stories.

In 2021 Steven Farkas founded the Scary Stories Book Fest. A festival of Horror books and authors in Asbury Park NJ.

Steven Farkas lives in the bizarro world of New Jersey where he spends his time thinking of new ways to scare people.

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