The Plague Giver Cometh: Part Eight – Silhouette

An eco dystopian horror story in 20 parts

1 min read

After two years, the Seeker had cast a silhouette over most of the world.  Darkness and misery became the staples of everyday life.  People had lost their sanity and many had lost their lives.  It would continue on its path until all would be destroyed.

The sickness had died out, but the Seeker had continued on its path long after its vehicle had gone. It wanted to continue the death and violence.  It wanted to continue the misguided work of religious zealots. It fed off of violence and terror.

As its silhouette grew larger and larger, the people were increasingly plunged into the darkness.  Their hearts and minds were taken over and they were left often feeling little control over themselves or their actions.

The Seeker had taking more then lives, it was taking humanity.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Written by Steven Farkas

Want to know what kind of books I write. Think an Ed Wood, Roger Corman, Lloyd Kaufman movie, but in book form. B-Horror and Science Fiction pulp stories.

In 2021 Steven Farkas founded the Scary Stories Book Fest. A festival of Horror books and authors in Asbury Park NJ.

Steven Farkas lives in the bizarro world of New Jersey where he spends his time thinking of new ways to scare people.

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