The Plague Giver Cometh: Part One – Nightmare

An eco dystopian horror story in 20 parts

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The dream was a horrible, wretched dream.  She saw visions of a deadly future.  The sick and dead would number in the billions.

She sat up and screamed at the darkness in her room.  It surrounded her in all its eeriness.  There was little comfort or refuge in the cold dark of the night.

Her body trembled, shook to the point that it was out of control.  She thought she heard voices in the night.  They spoke to her with the use of many passing visions.  Her body wet with sweat received a chill that caused her to cover up under her blankets.

She knew someone or something was watching her.  There was no one to be seen, but someone was there and she knew it.  Perhaps he, or it, was as dark as the darkest night.  Perhaps this person or thing followed her in the dream.  She was afraid of this presence even though she could not tell what it was that had invaded her room.

Suddenly, she sneezed.  It was a quaint almost quiet little sneeze.  This terrified her.  It was a small beginning, a tragically small beginning to an end.  The demon filled the air in the room.  It was here now, there was no doubt about it.

The visions raged in her head as she began to feel tired and ill.  It was as if she knew what the future held for all of humanity.  The world, or maybe the universe was showing her the end of all existence.  She became tired and wanted to sleep.  The lights began to fade into utter blackness. Sleep she did, for all of eternity.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Written by Steven Farkas

Want to know what kind of books I write. Think an Ed Wood, Roger Corman, Lloyd Kaufman movie, but in book form. B-Horror and Science Fiction pulp stories.

In 2021 Steven Farkas founded the Scary Stories Book Fest. A festival of Horror books and authors in Asbury Park NJ.

Steven Farkas lives in the bizarro world of New Jersey where he spends his time thinking of new ways to scare people.

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