The Plague Giver Cometh: Part Seven – The Prophet

An eco dystopian horror story in 20 parts

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The old man stood on the corner of the street.  He was dressed in a nice suit and held a Bible in his hand.  He implored each passerby to listen to his words. With hands raised skyward he shouted his gospel to anyone who would listen, and even those who would not.

Several people began to gather around the man.  He spoke of an impending doom.  The prophecy was written and would be carried out as the apocalypse drew ever near.

Some laughed at the self-proclaimed teller of the future.  Others listened as if they were hearing the gospel itself.  He spoke as if he was convinced in the finality of it all.  Those who had stayed to listen were in awe of him.

The police came to take the man away for disturbing the peace.  The crowd fought the police.  They didn’t trust the police of the government.  They felt they were being lied to and they wanted very much to believe the old man.  Most feared the worst about the sickness and this man was giving them what they wanted: a reason to be fearful.

A riot ensued and the police were overwhelmed.  The crowd hurried the man away and kept him protected.  They would not tolerate any injury to their newly found prophet.  The new apostles of the end times believed it was God’s will all should die, or at least all those who they deemed wicked.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Written by Steven Farkas

Want to know what kind of books I write. Think an Ed Wood, Roger Corman, Lloyd Kaufman movie, but in book form. B-Horror and Science Fiction pulp stories.

In 2021 Steven Farkas founded the Scary Stories Book Fest. A festival of Horror books and authors in Asbury Park NJ.

Steven Farkas lives in the bizarro world of New Jersey where he spends his time thinking of new ways to scare people.

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